welcome to Baker Coupling Co.

Winner of the Steel Pipe Event of the Year Award for 1990

Baker Coupling Company, Inc, Los Angeles, California, for Sleeve Couplings, Devil Canyon Penstock #2, for the State of California, Department of Water Resources, San Bernardino, California.

Baker Provides the Following Items Proudly Made in the USA:


Sleeve Type Coupling up to and Above 30 ft (9.1 meters) Diameter Includes Transition and Reducing Couplings and Expansion Joints


Flanged Coupling Adaptors


Dismantling Joints


Baker Expansion Joints

Segmented Coupling

R.H. Baker and Company was founded over 100 years ago, and incorporated in 1939.  Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Los Angeles, California.  Plant and offices now occupy over 75,000 square feet.