Baker Provides the Following Items Proudly Made in the USA:

  • Sleeve Type Coupling up to and Above 30 ft (9.1 meters) Diameter Includes Transition and Reducing Couplings and Expansion Joints
  • Flanged Coupling Adaptors
  • Dismantling Joints
  • Baker Expansion Joints
  • Tapping Sleeves for Outlet Sizes 4 feet (1200 mm) and Above
  • To Prevent Imitation, Specify Baker by Name

The Baker Story

R.H. Baker and Company was founded over 100 years ago, and incorporated in 1939. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Pell City, Alabama.

From the first pipe coupling made in the 1920’s, Baker has expanded and now manufactures a full line of pipe couplings, fittings, repair clamps and similar items for water, sewage and industrial systems. A variety of linings and coatings is also furnished that meet all specifications. Baker products serve a wide cross-section of utilities – from the smallest to the largest. 

Modern rolling, welding and ring expanding equipment are used by a selected work force of certified welders, roll men, machinists and other skilled craftsmen. The Baker staff of field service personnel combines with the Baker engineering department to provide full engineering coverage of all requirements. From problem-solving recommendations through engineered design and production – Baker lives up to its proud reputation. All Baker products receive full inspection. Additional testing is also readily available including radiography and ultrasonic testing of welds, dye check and pressure testing. Baker engineered steel couplings are found in water power penstocks and distribution systems throughout the world. Our experience ranges from ½-inch pipe size to 27-foot pip size, the latter being the largest couplings in the world. 

The Baker story – conservative engineering, quality manufacturing and on-time deliveries. Baker’s growth has been founded on performance and experience.