• All 316ss 54" Flange Coupling Adapter
    proj: JEA Buckman St. WTP, Florida, U.S.A
    working Pressure: 150 PSI

  • 120" Expansion Joint
    120" D Flange Coupling Adapter
    Proj: Dallas Dam, Klickitat,WA
    Working Pressure: 150 PSI

  • 48" B16.47 CL. 300 Flange Dismantling Joint
    Vineyards Wells, UT

Project: Sepulveda Canyon Control Facility, 1970. Southern California.

Owners: Metropolitan Water District. Engineers: Same. 98.13” O.D., with 9/16” x 10” middle rings of ASTM A283, Grade D steel.

Project: Fisher Penstock, 1970. Tasmania, Australia.

Owners: Hydro-Electric Commission of Tasmania. Engineers: Same. This very high pressure penstock included the following 185 couplings, all with middle rings of ASTM A516, Grade 70, 10” width:

1 2 3 4
62” O.D.601 PSI231” thick
62”675981 1/8”
62”749131 1/4"
62”822101 3/8”
62”894101 1/2” thick
56” O.D.908201 3/8”
56”1001111 1/2”

Project: Karnafuli Hydro Project, 1970. East Pakistan.

Owners: E. Pakistan Water and Power Authority. Engineers: Sverdrup and Parcel. Penstock 25.5 foot O.D., for 67 PSI working pressure. Middle ring 7/8” x 18”, of ASTM A285C Firebox steel.

Project: Northeast Pump Station, 1970. Detroit

Owners: City of Detroit. Engineers: Hubbell Roth & Clark, Inc. Included 85” O.D. and 79” O.D. couplings, middle rings 1/2" x 10”, ASTM A36 steel.

Project: Tehachapi Surge Tank, 1970. Southern California.

Owners: Department of Water Resources. Engineers: Same. Penstocks of 23.6 foot O.D., for 60 PSI working pressure. Provide articulation of pipeline adjacent the huge surge tank, one of the largest structures on the California Water Project. Middle ring 3/4" x 17”, ASTM A285C, Firebox steel. Other couplings for 169.50” O.D. (210 PSI, 3/4" x 17” ASTM A242) and 61” O.D. (1/2” x 10” AISI C-1015).

Project: Southern Nevada Water Project, Las Vegas, Laterals, 1970. Nevada.

Owners: Bureau of Reclamation. Engineers: Same. From 76.50” O.D. down to 25.38” O.D. steel pipe, for 100 PSI working pressure. Middle rings of ASTM A242 in larger sizes, AISI C-1012 in smaller sizes.